hidden heart.jpg

 Years ago I had a contract job with a large tech company that was extra anti-social. There were only four other women on the entire floor and political maneuvering flowed through the air. It was a lonely place to be.

Then one day I noticed a small pink metallic heart, the kind you find in bags of confetti, in the hallway near the baseboard. It amused me and made me wonder who had dropped it since everyone I’d met seemed like they’d be allergic to confetti hearts, but I didn’t think much more of it.

Except it was there the next day and the next,  to no fault of the cleaning staff because it moved a few feet over. And it kept moving this way and that way for a couple more weeks, a tiny smiling face in a sea of empty brown hallway; secret message of love and hope.

Now it’s inspired me to share that message with a little heart hidden in each of the Bohemian designs. Nobody else has to know it’s there – but now you know and I hope if your day is ever less than awesome you’ll see it and remember :-)