The utter deliciousness of settling into a good book

That feeling of sinking into the most comfortable chair in the house - the one roomy enough to put your legs in any direction - with a book that you've been anticipating for months. The book that you know will keep your attention riveted and is guaranteed not to disappoint.

I don't pretend that I've written that book, but I know it's the feeling I want people to have when they're reading my stuff. When I sit down to the computer this is what I'm aiming for: that someday I'll create something as captivating as my sister's forbidden copy of North American Birds.



I find writing about writing to be oddly prone to run-on sentences, so I'll keep this brief.  Scroll down for a list of published books and short stories or click the blog link below to see what's still sitting on my desk, but probably shouldn't be. Book links are universal and will give you store options for wherever it's available.



Amy's Amazing Adventures (Across Time and Space)

For millennia the rabbits reigned supreme… but no more. Now the forces of darkness threaten the very existence of time and space.

Meanwhile, Amy is a young Regency miss in need of some excitement and an escape from a forced marriage to a pig farmer. She finds both when she discovers a hidden portal to another dimension while fleeing from a highwayman. Traveling the space-time continuum and fending off attackers and assassins, she gathers the motley crew required of any proper fantasy quest. Only hers consists of the aforementioned highwayman, the Sheik of Araby, a stoic ex-Navy SEAL, and a feng shui wizard. Join Amy on her hilarious and irreverent journey to restore balance to the cosmos and claim her birthright, or find her way back home, whichever comes first.

Toxic to Touch

A Post-Apocalyptic Cozy Mystery (short story)

No one talks about the post-apocalypse as a nice place. What if it wasn’t so bad? Except for the odd murder…

The Trouble with Mini Cows

In the small town of Anacortes, mini cows can be big trouble.

Tessa Calhoun has gone with the flow her entire life. At thirty she feels stuck in a rut and ready to make some changes. Then her grandmother goes missing and it’s up to Tess to deal with a law-breaking heard of miniature dairy cows.

Attorney Nate Hale has had enough. He needs the cows to go away, but he’d rather like Tess to stick around.

Tess has serious doubts that she can keep her gran out of jail, and save the mini cows at the same time. Being distracted by a charming attorney with his own agenda sure isn’t helping…

A Mini Cow Christmas

Jilly-Ann is an eight-year-old foster kid on a mission. She dearly loves Ferdie, the cutest mini cow ever. Can he—will he—talk to her on Christmas Eve? Or will the grown-ups thwart her careful plan to seize her one chance to find out… The magic of Christmas may just elude Jilly-Ann forever.

Meet intrepid Jilly-Ann and catch up with Nate and Tess from Book 1, The Trouble With Mini Cows, in this holiday short story from the Fidalgo Island series.

Annabel's Dilemma

Does she have the courage to take a chance on love?

She’s never been much of a risk taker. Responsible Annabel is prepared to endure a boring corporate job for financial security. Will she give it all up for a first date with her online crush?