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Doing What I love

When I was a very little girl I had a quilt that had been specially made for me from scraps of my mother's dresses. Whenever I was sick in bed, to keep me still, my mom would tell me the story behind each scrap. What the dress had looked like, where she had worn it and all the other memories that came to mind. Since then, pattern and story have always been happily linked for me. I don't really remember any of those original tales, but I remember that special time with my mom.

I want the patterns I design to do the same thing for others as that little quilt did for me - to make someone feel good just by looking at it and to maybe become a favorite reminder of a special time or person.

I believe that the ordinary objects we use every day must be as joyously special as we can make them - delight feeds the soul.

I am an artist and author living in the Pacific Northwest. My background is in textiles and decorative arts with a side trip into high tech. Making beautiful things for people to enjoy makes me happy.

I am most profoundly joyful when there is garden soil under my fingernails while making art at the computer. The tiny tree frogs residing in pots on the porch; the young coyote pouncing on invisible rabbits in the meadow – these are the things that make me want to create so that I can share that wonder with you.

I love being an artist and I also love telling stories. Keep scrolling down for more art or click here for my writing.

Surface Pattern Design

I grew up around creativity, some of it more successful than others, but all attacked with high enthusiasm. I can remember rolling my eyes at a very young age when my engineering father ordered boring templates of circles and hexagons when there were so many more interesting things in that catalog, like hearts. He got the heart template for me and and that little green plastic circle with 8 sizes of hearts still brings back memories of that early desire to make things with precision… just not airplanes.

The digital age has opened up potential in so many new ways that are beyond exciting and created more of a partnership with customers than was ever possible before. Now I can create a design that someone can choose to put on fleece or silk, I don’t have to try to guess what they need. An illustration can be printed on demand for the wall or a notebook – I’ve achieved my goal if it brings a smile when you see it.

Flip through Collections and Look Books below or see my full swatch portfolio:


Other Places to See My Work

Below are some of the other websites featuring my work. In desperate need of a new coffee mug? Check Society6 or Redbubble, wallpaper or fabric? see Spoonflower. If you're in the need of digital graphics for your own project then Creative Market, Adobe Stock or Shutterstock are the best bet. Enjoy and let me know if you're looking for something that's not in any of these places!

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Technical Resources

If I forgot to mention it in a post or if you're simply curious, here are the tools and software I use:


  • Fujitsu laptop with a Wacom Cintiq tablet
  • Canon Mp480 scanner
  • Adobe Creative Suite CS5
  • High-Logic FontCreator


  • Canon Eos 5D
  • Samsung Galaxy S9

Paint & Paper

  • Daniel Smith watercolors
  • Aquarello watercolour paper 140 lbs hot pressed