For Makers & Designers

If you haven’t already guessed I like making things. I also enjoy making stuff that other people (you!) can make into even more exciting things. Whether you DIY a few hours a month to relax or full-time for profit or somewhere in between I’d love to play a small part in your next project. This is where you can find my raw materials for sale, (future) tutorials, and the materials I use.



Technical Resources

If I forgot to mention it in a post or if you're simply curious, here are the tools and software I use:


  • Fujitsu laptop with a Wacom Cintiq tablet

  • Canon Mp480 scanner

  • Adobe Creative Suite CS5

  • High-Logic FontCreator


  • Canon Eos 5D

  • Samsung Galaxy S9

Paint & Paper

  • Daniel Smith watercolors

  • Aquarello watercolour paper 140 lbs hot pressed