When you find out the rabbit god is real...


It’s been five years since Amy was published and more like fifteen since the omniscient rabbits first hit a page. Synchronicity (and my sister) have now blessed me with their likeness in my garden! Neither the internet nor the garden statuary purveyor know who or what its based on (if you do, please get in touch…)

So I’m going with Amy’s rabbit gods and feel blessed that he is now overseeing the orchard and the bees that will be coming in April.

Deep in the bowels of the universe, the forces of darkness began stirring. Throughout the thirty-nine planets, sixteen parallel universes, five alternate realities, and the space-time continuum in general, strange things began to happen: crops blighted, children took sick, and telemarketers began appearing everywhere in unusual numbers.
Due to the very nature of the space-time continuum, this was not observable as an historical event. However, generations had simultaneous nightmares of the reverberating screams of a man caught in mortal combat in a small, steaming South Asian jungle. He would emerge physically unscathed, but with hard eyes and a hatred against all those that had sacrificed him to the night... and the rabbits.
— Amy's Amazing Adventures (Across Time and Space)

The Adventure of the Post-Apocalyptic Cozy

I was challenged – but I was right, it is surprisingly easy to write a post-apocalyptic cozy mystery. I’m not saying it’s good, just that it’s easy. It will be coming to some venue, still to be determined, soon. The premise of the Apocalypse is that the big one (earthquake) has finally hit. That’s locally significant, but hardly an apocalypse. But then… some petri dishes in a lab have collided during the tremblor, causing a ravaging flu variation – handily spread by foreign first responders there to help with the earthquake.  Before you know it, 99.5% of the world’s population is wiped out – leaving everyone else with a mound of moldering material goods and no infrastructure. But that’s still more people than are estimated to have been around at 4000 BC and they did okay for themselves!