I’m Juliet Chase,

an artist and author living on an island in the Pacific Northwest.

Growing up, I was surrounded by creativity attacked with high enthusiasm and never in half measures (some of it more successful than others). From candle making to exploding blackberry wine, there was always some new project in the works. I’ve continued that tradition (not the exploding part) and love the learning as much or more as the end result.

I can remember rolling my eyes at a very young age when my engineering father ordered boring templates of circles and angles when there were so many more interesting things in that catalog, like hearts. After a pretty serious sales pitch regarding my deep need to make a clean, symmetrical heart, he eventually got the template for me. That little green plastic circle with eight sizes of hearts still brings back memories of my early desire to make things with precision… just not airplanes. These days Adobe Illustrator gives me the best of both worlds and I love that the possibilities for new projects are endless.

Having a garden and animals is an essential part of my environment, giving me the sense of place and being that anchors my creating. .I have always felt a connection to the land and the things that live and grow there. Gratitude is within easy reach when we are connected to what matters. And knowing the name of the chicken that laid the eggs elevates breakfast to a whole new experience! The farm and garden have both nothing and everything to do with my art and writing. That’s why they are both here together; two distinct parts of one person.

Please reach out if you have questions, comments, or a potential project.