Kitchen Creativity


If you want to get truly creative in the kitchen trying growing your own food!

It’s been an odd summer. There are four plum trees on the property and only one had fruit. It wasn’t shy about it either, I think I picked about 45 lbs. They’re some kind of juice plum, impossible to eat without liquid running down your face. I knew this from last year so I was ready. But after a gallon of juice in the freezer and another gallon of syrup (OMG, try it on the Baby Dutchem!) But there were still more plums…

For the cost of a bag of sugar, I’ve got a couple of gallons of plum summer wine (see the picture above). The color alone is tasty to the eyes!

But…. the deer ate the beans. The cucumbers and tomatoes are only just getting started, just as the weather has turned chilly. The lettuce and bok choi bolted. But the cabbages are magnificent. The apple trees are loaded and the kale is hanging in there.

All in all it’s a typical year of personal farming - its just that what succeeds and what fails changes every year! I have no idea what I’ll do with these things to make a meal but I’ll figure something out - and I’ll enjoy it if for no other reason that I grew it from the earth where I live. I learned somewhere that the key to great creativity is constraints. So here I go with cabbage, plum wine, and some kale! What would you do with that mystery box?