The Equinox is here again


I’m not sure where Summer went, or if it was even here - I never even got out the fan, let alone tried to use the sad excuse for air conditioning. But Autumn isn’t going to skip! Right now the back room window’s are full of aromatic condensation from the dehydrator working on a full load of apple slices. There is still one tree to be picked but that's destined for cider and sauce. And last night I made a Thai curry with everything available to harvest: tomatoes, purple string beans, Thai basil, green pepper, and cucumber. There was some purchased additions like pork and coconut milk, but it was exciting that the majority had come from the garden on the same day.

I’m going to let the birds have the crabapple harvest this year, I have yet to use what I put in the freezer last year. It’s so full of tanins that the juice makes me sick on its own (fine when paired with other food). So that pretty much leaves the squashes left for storable harvests. With any luck things won’t freeze for awhile and the beans and leafy veg will continue for a few months. The rain has already returned so probably not too many more ripe tomatoes!

Next spring will be here before you know it though, so don’t forget to save seeds from favorites for next year. Now’s the time before they drop to the ground!

Harvest Days


It seems like every year is an odd year when it comes to the garden. This one being no exception. You would think that a hot dry year would be ideal for tomatoes but their sensitive little souls felt it was too hot. So I sit and wait on the few green tomatoes to see if they have the will to ripen before a frost. I have hope for at least a few. I did get a few pears - less than many people but more than last year so I am eagerly anticipating my supper of pear and gorgonzola pizza.

The Italian plum harvest though was fabulous. There are now nine plum coffeecakes in the freezer ready to bring some zingy sunshine to January. The mornings are chilly now, but refreshing. As it gets colder thoughts turn to interior renovation with the unfinished 2nd floor weighing heavily on my mind. I think things will begin to come together in the next month.

I still have a few things that need to be planted out but otherwise its about making space for winter vegetables without compromising revitalizing for Spring. And wintering over is going to need quite a bit of planning…

A smoky summer


Things in the hen house are getting back to normal. The broody girls are over it and getting their color back. This also means that Daisy is leading the escape charge at every opportunity so I spend a few more minutes every day chasing chickens. The one bearing apple tree this year is starting to have windfalls which the girls fight over with enthusiasm.

Wildfire smoke though is beginning to smother the farm. I attempted to watch the Perseid meteor shower but the smoke limited the night sky to just a small circle overhead and even that was hazy. I gave up and went back to bed after just one shooting star. During the day it gives everything an ominous light - like that greenish half-light right before a tornado or alien invasion. The air quality is nothing to write home about either so mostly inside in front of the computer working on Christmas designs to try to think cool.

I was able to put up a couple of cups of dried salal berries for winter oatmeal and some dried mint for teas. I should be ought picking blackberries but I'll get to that later this week. I did pick enough this morning for ice cream and I'm eyeing a patch outside the studio window for breakfast tomorrow. If my father were still alive, gallons of blackberry wine would already be fermenting....

I can't wait until I can get a few goats - what's really holding me back is fencing and shelter. If I could solve that easily and inexpensively then I'd consider a friendly rescue goat that could keep later dairy goats company.  But first I have to prepare for the beehive that should be arriving any day now. No bees until Spring but gradually the family is expanding!