The Healthy Hedonism of Hygge

Coziness is the new trend. And it doesn’t even require any new equipment. Lately I’ve been seeing the word Hygge everywhere. I won’t even try to tell you how to pronounce it. Youtube has lots of native-speaking Danes who can help you! I’ve heard it described as healthy hedonism or the ultimate cozy factor – cats and cake are hygge as are fluffy throws and candlelight.

Coming on the heels of the Magic of Tidying Up you might wonder if it’s going in a different direction but I think it might be a continuation of the same global movement to divest of extra stuff. If you’ve KonMarie’d your space fully, then you are now surrounded by things you love which now have space to breath. That seems like the ultimate beginning for Hygge. The coffee table, now divested of it’s former piles, is the perfect setting for a few votives and a plate of home-made bread which you share with a friend while chatting in front of the fire. Nothing fancy, but indulgent. And wonderful.

I’ll be getting right to that as soon as I clean off the coffee table (again).