6 Ways to Let Your Individual Style Shine Through and Get Noticed

standing out from the crowd

Do you remember being that age when standing out was the worst possible thing ever? Whether you were the tall girl always sent to stand in the back or the only kid that brought sushi for lunch, even the socially rebellious among us can remember a time when being the focus of attention made for a really bad day. 

I’m guessing you’re done with the need to blend in. If you’ve Marie Kondo’d your closet and now don’t have much to wear or your living room is looking a little bare, don’t fall back on bad habits! Here are six ways to put more of you out where people can see (and appreciate) it without succumbing to clutter.

  1. Re-evaluate your fashion rules – other than the one about wearing clothes in public or any specific codes in the HR handbook,  list out every rule you can think of and see if you really need to keep them. Examples: neutrals are more relaxing, redheads can’t wear red, don’t mix orange with pink, etc. If you love the tropical combo of orange and pink – just do it! It doesn’t have to be an entire outfit, find a scarf or a daily planner (…and work up to the full outfit 😉) 

  2. Pay attention to all the items you use throughout a typical day – how many of them are what they are because of price or convenience? Will upgrading any of them to something more personal add any luxury to your day?  Example: purple paperclips instead of plain silver, a happy shower curtain instead of the plain white one… you get the idea. It’s easy to fall into the practical mode but you’ll have more joy in your soul to share if your daily environment keeps giving back.

  3. For items that you only have one or two of (eyeglasses, winter coat, couch etc.) take the time to really shop. Check every store in town and scour the internet until you find something that really speaks to you. (Even if you can’t/won’t buy online finding something you can discuss with a local retail store may yield some new and exciting solutions.) And try things on you are sure won’t work, ‘cause it just might!

  4. You live in color. It’s one of the biggest influencers on mood and well-being and it says a lot about you and your personal style. That doesn’t mean you have to light up the night. It doesn’t mean you have to put all the effort into your clothing either – if you’d rather a basic ‘uniform’ that probably involves a lot of black, great! But does your bedroom look like that too? And the kitchen?

  5. Shop away from home. We can all get in a rut. I’ve seen entire cities get into one too. Even big national brands will stock different items in different parts of the country and it’s not just weather related. So if you can afford to get away for a shopping weekend head to another corner of the nation and go for it. And if you can’t, do the same online. Find some brands/sites that suit your vibe, wait for a sale and buy one or two things from their named labels (what they’re responsible for.) That will give you a good indication of fit, sizing, and quality. If it works out, expand from there – if it doesn’t, go elsewhere and repeat.

  6. Have some fun! Take a chance – on a color, a print, something wacky that you’re sure no adult should be indulging in. If it makes you smile, or better yet giggle, that’s the very best kind of standing out from the crowd.

Have some tips of your own to share? Put them in the comments below, I’d love to see them!